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Automotive applications, furniture industry, construction, electronics industry and many more.

Granules & Compounds

Aurora compounds meet new product standards and OEM standards including emission standards. Access to raw materials by certified suppliers, an uncompromising incoming goods inspection and a development and testing laboratory with the latest technology ensure high-quality products.

By using Aurora recyclates, optimum sustainability is transferred to customers, as at least 2 kg CO₂ and 1.3 kg crude oil per kilogram of recycled material used can be saved compared to virgin material. Aurora's customers thus benefit both from prices in line with the market and from a green footprint with which they can advertise.

Production of high-quality granulates & compounds as a replacement for virgin material

  • Production and distribution of injection moulding granulates
  • Applications in various areas with a focus on the automotive industry
  • Development of customer-oriented solutions for the respective requirements according to Tier 1 or OEM specifications
  • Development of individual products in close cooperation with the customer
  • Consistent high quality of AURORA products
  • Use of high-quality raw materials (polymers, additives, modifiers, etc.)
  • adherence to delivery dates / short delivery times
  • Cost advantage over primary raw materials (virgin material)

Compound product range

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After grinding the thermoplastics, the ground material is melted in one of our currently five twin-screw extruders. The ground material is then formed into strands via nozzles and cooled in a water bath. A rotating knife then cuts the strands into sections a few millimeters long, the (re)granules.

The plastic regranulate is then packaged in the container requested by the customer, e.g. in octabins or bags.

For quality assurance reasons, each container is tested in our own laboratory.

Granulates or regranulates are not only permitted in many areas of application in the plastics industry, but are increasingly requested by industry and consumers due to the enormous savings potential without any loss in quality.

Whether as a mixture with new material, 100 % use of regranulate in the product or as a recipe component of a compound, regranulate forms an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient platform for many applications. In the production of regranulate, the customer can choose between the material delivered or the plastics of our suppliers certified by Aurora-Lean-Logistic.

Regranulates are usually melted plastic residues. These regranulates usually have only a few defined properties and rather determine the purpose or possible application.


Plastic compounds can be cost-efficient substitutes for virgin material. The main raw materials are the production residues collected from our certified suppliers, which are modified by the addition of high-quality recipe components. This restores the original properties of the plastic.

With the aid of twin-screw extruders, first-class compounds are produced from our thermoplastics in the compounding process.

Compounds usually consist of defined mixtures of various starting products of one type of plastic, e.g. PA 6, with additional admixtures of additives and additives, in the form of granulate.

Our compounds are plastic granules to which additional high-quality fillers, reinforcing materials or other additives have been added on the basis of a customer-specific or in-house recipe.

Aurora specialises in the production of these recompounds, i.e. modified and recycled plastic granules in a quality that corresponds to new goods.

In contrast to granulates, the properties of the compound can be modified for a specific application.

For example, technical plastics for exterior components can be made UV-resistant and/or hydrolysis-resistant by adding so-called stabilizers.

We have been successfully supplying well-known manufacturers in the automotive industry for years, as the technical plastics from AURORA have been tested and meet the standards of the automotive, furniture and construction industries.

In addition, our plastics are sustainably produced and thus protect all our resources.

Up to 1.5 litres and up to 9 kg CO2 are saved per kilogram of manufactured plastic compared to conventional manufacturing methods!

By using plastics from AURORA you create sustainable values for your company, our society and our environment.

Aurora Kunststoffe GmbH has a large access to this production waste in Germany and can therefore offer compounds at a more competitive price which are in no way inferior to virgin materials in terms of their properties.


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