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Granulates or regranulates are not only permitted in many areas of application in the plastics industry, but are increasingly requested by industry and consumers due to the enormous savings potential without any loss in quality.

Whether as a mixture with new material, 100 % use of regranulate in the product or as a recipe component of a compound, regranulate forms an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient platform for many applications. In the production of regranulate, the customer can choose between the material delivered or the plastics of our suppliers certified by Aurora-Lean-Logistic.


Plastic compounds can be cost-efficient substitutes for virgin material. The main raw materials are the production residues collected from our certified suppliers, which are modified by the addition of high-quality recipe components. This restores the original properties of the plastic.

Aurora Kunststoffe GmbH has a large access to this production waste in Germany and can therefore offer compounds at a more competitive price, which are in no way inferior to virgin materials in terms of their properties.

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