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Contract production

Our suppliers can choose between two models for the further use of your plastic recyclable material.


- Pure remuneration: Aurora remunerates the plastic supplier for the delivered, unmixed goods and returns the processed plastic to the value cycle of the market as regrind, granulate or compound.


- Contract processing: Aurora professionally processes the supplier's production remnants into recyclate so that it can be reused in the current production process in regrind or regrind form. This is the cost-efficient feeding into the supplier's value-added cycle. In this case, the supplier is also the customer.

Our range of services includes all technical plastics that we can process.

If you are interested in contract grinding or granulation, please contact our sales team.

Are you interested in a purchase offer? Please use the form provided for this purpose.
Here you will find our product range and further information on our disposal concept.


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