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We create value and protect our environment.


Engineering plastics are indispensable in the modern world as we know and appreciate them. However, these high-quality construction materials do not have to be produced from exhaustible resources to the detriment of future generations, as was previously the case without sustainable concepts.

Plastics from AURORA are very high-quality recyclable materials, which fulfil all technical properties for the automotive, furniture and construction industries.

Plastics from AURORA are exclusively sustainable and resource-saving.

is produced. With our plastics you not only receive the best quality, but also a clear conscience at a time when sustainability is valued more strongly by society on a daily basis.


Our promise


  • Free advice from our experts
  • At least 20 % more revenue from previously unused potentials
  • No more costs for the plastic disposal of your thermoplastic waste
  • Individual complete solution, developed by our experts
  • Access to our experience in the field of plastics, recycling and logistics
  • Technical plastics from AURORA are tested and meet the standards of the automotive, furniture and construction industries.
  • State-of-the-art production facilities ensure consistently high quality.
  • Our plastics are sustainably produced and protect all our resources.
  • Plastics from AURORA save up to 1.5 litres of crude oil per kilogram of finished plastic.
  • Our plastics reduce the burden on the environment by up to 9 kg CO2 per kilogram of plastic produced compared with conventional manufacturing methods.
  • By using plastics from AURORA you create sustainable values for your company, our society and our environment.
Advantages of the Aurora Lean-Logistic
  • Savings per tonne of product Expenditure on vehicle fleet
  • Reduction of energy and handling costs to a minimum through perfect collection
  • Fast response to customer demands in the logistics sector through direct connection to the A6 motorway
  • Avoidance of additional logistics costs and packaging materials
  • Easy understanding of the system thanks to training courses and provided vehicle fleet
  • Minimized throughput times
  • Increasing process reliability
  • Quality improvements



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ISO Certificate 14001

ISO Certificate 50001

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