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In times of rising raw material prices and increased environmental pollution, production residues from industrial plastics production are becoming more and more in demand as resources.

We buy up your industrial production residues and transform them into new high-quality raw materials.

In your production, high-quality plastic parts are produced day after day - but also sprues, missing parts and other rejects?

With the Lean Logistics Concept from Aurora Kunststoffe, we help you to return your plastic waste to the production process - or to make cash money. The unique Aurora Lean Logistics concept consists of our own fleet of around 60 semi-trailers as well as a box concept for the perfection of a single plastic collection.


Resource-saving, sustainable and stress-free!


 Know-how in logistics

  • 15 years of know-how in the logistics industry
  • own fleet of 60 semi-trailers and drivers
  • Patent pending box concept
  • Free provision of a mega-semitrailer directly at the supplier's premises for larger quantities


Here's how it works:

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Aurora Lean Logistik Handy


It is important to separate the plastic residues according to type.

For this purpose, we provide loading equipment adapted to your production, such as plastic boxes or mesh boxes.


In the first step, we sensitize and train your employees for the separation of the plastic recyclable material according to type in order to achieve the maximum possible remuneration for you.

We will provide you with trained specialists who will show the responsible employees in your production how to collect and label the plastics according to type on site. 

Your missing parts will be checked for mixing and contamination by specially trained personnel in our incoming goods department.

Powerful comminution mills with dedusting and metal detection separate the valuable plastic from metal-contaminated, 2K, colour-different or similar parts.

Our evaluation system and regular supplier audits also serve to ensure quality assurance.

After this uncompromising incoming goods inspection, the first refining stage, the grinding of the plastics into ground material, takes place.

In the second stage, we process the ground material into excellent technical plastic granulates and compounds. Five compounding machines with state-of-the-art dosing and drying technology are currently helping here.

If required, we will process your collected residues for you on a contract basis or buy your plastic from you for resale.


In 2012, we expanded this concept in our two grinding centres in order to shorten the distances to our suppliers.

You save resources, time and money and do something good for the environment. And we at Aurora take care of the rest!



Our customers are also guaranteed delivery capability by one of the largest raw material warehouses in Germany with over 15,000 tons. This enables Aurora to supply materials as agreed despite a general market shortage.

Would you like to do something good for the environment and earn money at the same time?

We look forward to hearing from you!


We would be glad to advise you comprehensively!


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