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Energy guidelines

For the purpose of a successful environmental policy we consider the efficient use of all energetic resources as an indispensable component.

By maintaining and validating our intelligent energy management according to DIN ISO 50001 we firmly established our claim to use all resources sustainably and economically.


Since we perfectly know that a major part of energy arises from limited available fossil fuels, we always meet our obligations to use these deposits responsibly.

The ongoing reduction of CO² emissions is a fundamental aspect regarding the retardation of the climatic change and the reduction of the greenhouse effect. The success of our daily business is therefore primarily subject to the following claims and objectives:

  • Saving energy by permanently reducing industrial discharges
  • Using all options and potentials in order to improve our energy footprint persistently and sustainably
  • Greater progress by greater innovativeness and development of future strategies


Regarding the implementation in our processes it means that

  • we permanently audit and evaluate our energy footprint in order to compare it with our targeted objectives and to take corrective actions if necessary
  • we are mindful of all energy parameters when it comes to the acquisition of new production facilities and give preference to economical options
  • we train our employees and encourage them to handle energetic resources carefully and sensibly


ISO Certificate 9001

ISO Certificate 14001

ISO Certificate 50001

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