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In times of increasing prices for raw materials and advancing environmental pollution plastic scraps from sprues, defective parts and other rejections are sought-after resources.

The Aurora-Lean-Logistics-Concept is the central element of our business model. Key components of this concept are the provision of empties for the sorted collection of plastic scraps suited for your conditions of production and a trailer for storing empties and/or filled boxes.

Sensitizing and training of your staff concerning the single-variety collection of scraps, in order to realize for you the highest profit possible, are the first steps of the implementation of our concept. The establishment of grinding centers in 2012, located close to our suppliers, marked the beginning of the extension of this concept.

There are two options regarding the further use of your plastic scraps:

  • Purchase of your scrap materials and reintroduction of the regenerated materials into the substance cycle.


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