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Plastic recycling

Appropriate processes can be used to convert and recycle plastics. This creates new high-quality products.

Forms of plastic recycling

Mechanical recycling

Kunststoff Verwertung - Recycling

With the modifications of the processes used for plastics recycling of clean, unmixed waste (extrusion, injection molding or injection compression molding, intrusion and sinter compression molding), mixed and contaminated plastic waste can also be processed. For example, twin-screw extruders (conveying machine) with degassing are used for plastics recycling of more or less contaminated and mixed plastics into strands of various cross-sections and shapes.

Resource-based plastics recycling

Resource-based plastics recycling is the splitting of polymer chains by the action of heat to produce petrochemical feedstocks, such as oils and gases, which can be used as the basis for new plastics. Where mechanical plastic recycling is not reasonably feasible, feedstock plastic recycling of end-of-life plastics offers another option for material recycling.

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