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Plastic recycling

Humans as users of plastics have a duty to recycle used plastics in an environmentally friendly way.

Plastic recycling

Kunststoffrecycling Nachhaltigkeit Hand Natur Aurora KunststoffePlastic is made from limited, natural raw materials such as oil, coal, natural gas and plants. Since chemical processes are used in the production, nature cannot "take back" the products in a biological way. Therefore, humans as users of plastics have a duty to recycle used plastics in an environmentally friendly process. Plastic recycling protects nature and saves the raw material in a sustainable way.

Plastics recycling - recycling of sorted plastic waste 

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Clean, sorted waste (mostly production waste from industry) but also mixed materials of all kinds are collected, sorted and recycled in further processes. This is done as far as possible with common methods from the plastics processing industry. These processes include, for example, extrusion, injection molding or injection compression molding, intrusion and sinter compression molding.

Extrusion as a process of plastics recycling

Special single- or twin-screw extruders (conveying machines) are used to recycle clean and sorted plastic waste into recyclates (starting material for new plastic products). In order to achieve the high quality requirements in this recycling process, polymer purity (chemical compounds, many identical or similar parts) is of great importance. In order to capture as many contamination particles as possible in the plastics recycling process, the separation is done in the melt flow between the conveying machine (extruder) and the extrusion mold. Of course, even before this separation, further processes are run through in order to achieve a high grade purity.


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