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Mechanical recycling

Das werkstoffliche Recycling hat das wichtige Ziel verbrauchte Kunststoffe durch aufwändige Verfahren wieder dem Wirtschaftskreislauf zuzuführen.

Mechanical recycling

Recycling of used plastic

Plastic WasteMechanical recycling is the reuse of plastic waste, whereby the chemical structure (composition) of unmixed plastics is retained to form a new product. This method thus reprocesses used plastics in order to obtain a secondary raw material for new plastic products.

Used plastic packaging is first melted down during mechanical recycling, after which the secondary base material for new products is created. In most cases regranulate (secondary material, intermediate product) is created, which is used for the production of the new product.

High-quality products can only be created if mechanical recycling is carried out under the right conditions, such as exact sorting of the plastics to be recycled and further processes.

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