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Environment guidelines

Maintaining the environment and natural living conditions.

Our practices are based on the following guidelines, taking into account economic and market-specific conditions:

  • Understanding the needs and expectations of our stakeholders
  • Identifying, managing and monitoring our environment
  • Identifying risks and opportunities within our processes
  • Corporate environmental protection as the basis of our actions
  • Reduction and prevention of environmental impacts
  • Following the laws, regulations and directives as well as legal requirements
  • Encouraging the understanding of responsibility among our employees
  • Open communication and public relations

From these formulated guidelines we commit ourselves to the following:

  • Continuous improvement of our operational environmental protection through regular definition of environmental goals, programmes and measures as well as their review for implementation and progress
  • Use of natural resources and the circular economy
  • Development of environmentally friendly processes and workflows in view of the continuously evolving knowledge of the environment and technology
  • Effective use of energy, reduction of consumption, waste and emissions
  • Supporting the quality, safety and environmental awareness of our employees by maintaining a consistent level of knowledge by information and training programmes
  • Information and open dialogue with stakeholders, the local community, the government and our customers
  • Active integration of our contractors into the regulations of our environmental management system (EMS)
  • Taking action on risks and opportunities within our processes

Our actions, which are defined by the guidelines listed above, have been described in a documented environmental management system and are established as mandatory guidance for all employees and managers of our company. Regular audits form the foundation for the constant up-to-dateness and effectiveness of the implemented management system.


ISO Certificate 9001

ISO Certificate 14001

ISO Certificate 50001

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