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Energie guidelines

Maintaining and validating intelligent energy management.

AURORA Kunststoffe GmbH is a recycling company that produces regranulates for further processing from mixed and non-mixed plastics as well as production waste. To be able to supply our customers with high-quality products, a high energy input is required for the recycling process.

Our high energy requirements due to the recycling process not only have a direct impact on the economic success of the company as a significant cost factor, but also have negative effects on the environment.

In order to meet the ecological, economic and social responsibility caused by our energy requirements, we at AURORA Kunststoffe GmbH are aiming for a sustainable reduction in energy consumption by increasing energy efficiency and reducing the resulting negative impact on the environment.

The main goals we are aiming for in this context are:

  • continuous improvement of the energetic performance
  • reduction of specific energy consumption in long term
  • continuous improvement of energy efficiency of workflows
  • reducing the impact on the environment caused by energy consumption
  • increase energy awareness of our employees at all levels of the company

In order to achieve these goals, we ensure that

  • an energy management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001 is implemented, documented and continuously maintained
  • all employees of AURORA Kunststoffe GmbH are actively involved in the energy management system
  • there is a continuous monitoring and evaluation of the energy flows within the company
  • strategic and operational energy goals are set by the management for the continuous improvement of energy performance, with ongoing programmes for their implementation
  • information as well as financial and human resources needed to achieve the strategic and operational energy goals are provided in sufficient quantities
  • the future purchase of new equipment, spare parts, goods and also services is to be carried out with energy efficiency in mind
  • all valid laws and other obligations assumed by AURORA Kunststoffe GmbH with respect to its energy performance are complied with
  • the energy awareness of all employees is supported through continuous training and further education programmes

In the future, we want to stand up for those formulated goals of energy policy on the basis of the established energy management system and consistently and purposefully achieve them.


ISO Certificate 9001

ISO Certificate 14001

ISO Certificate 50001

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